Booking the band is quite easy. But first, let’s get you familiar with our group. We are based out of the Mt. Pocono PA area and have one hell of a tour van (we call her Vanzilla). We’ve played everywhere from bars to basements, punk shows to parties, and we “usually” show up early!

If you feed us, we’ll love you forever. If you pay us, we’ll probably never leave. We often turn random styles of music into surf. So if you wanted to hear us play the Ramones, Operation Ivy or Benny Goodman, we’ll gladly show you our surf rendition. Have a request, ask us!

Yes, we can play for an extended length of time (we’re close to about 3 hours of music). We are willing to fly to other countries, and yes we love beer, wine and people! Most importantly, we love instrumental surf music, and you should to…

To book the band, please fill out this form or email us directly at: